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Are You Set Up To Exist or Grow?


A belated day two vlog from my tour through South of France, or to South of France.

Apologies, I’ve not been around for the last two or three days, in truth, I’ve been rather ill since my trip through Paris.

But we’re here on day five and I’ll try and do this every day, just to sort of give you some references of, not only of what I’ve experienced but how you can relate that to your business and your marketing to try and improve.

I think what struck me most as I’ve been driving from Paris, or in Paris, I’m down through the country.

Today we’re in Grenoble.

I’ve done a little bit of research on Grenoble, they call it the capital of the Alps by it’s large in stature.

A couple of other things that it’s done, it’s an amazing place into the backdrops of the Alps and things like that right at the foot of it.

They had the 1968 Olympic games, and also, what I found interesting, I thought there’d be more tourism than anything else, but it’s one of the major institutes for research and scientific sort of research and institutions of that sort of nature.

Apologies, I’m a little bit rusty on that, but one-fifth of its inhabitants are working around that sort of area: scientific research and things like that.

So, it’s not everything.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

You’re in the base of the Alps.

You think there’s tourism, there’s skiing.

It’s obviously held the Olympics games previously, things like that that really strong scientific research base and I think what’s picked my attention up outside of trying to keep healthy to a degree. How are your businesses really set up?

How Are Your Businesses Really Set Up?

If you think about it, what do I mean by that?

Are you set up just to exist, or are you set up to achieve affluence and really grow?

We spent Saturday in Paris all day and you’d think certain monuments and certain tourist attractions, the most popular ones we went to the arch le defence.

The service in there, people were excellent government based building home of the home office and transport office the people, the way they were dressed the way they addressed you, their ability for bi, multilingual, not just English and French but all the people were coming in from the other nations and were speaking that and it really set the standards to say hey we’re ready for business we’re open for business and whatever comes our way we’re going to excel at it.

Then we went to another sort of centres and we went to the Moulin Rouge and you’d think, hey that’s great, but in reference, set in the seedy part of town and the service and everything else, very very similar.

  • Some businesses are set up for existence.
  • Some businesses are set up for affluence.

How Are You Set Up?

One of my challenges for you guys today is how are you set up?

Look around your office, look around your factory, look around your workplace.

  • Are you set up as you and your team?
  • Are they just there to get through the day and serve?
  • Or, what are you going to do today to really make a difference?

I’m not talking about somebody comes to your business who’s speaking a different language but that’s just an example.

  • Are you set up and are you geared up and ready to go?
  • Are you giving expected value?
  • Or are you giving added value?

I see too many businesses just sort of being in existence.

They get up, they go to work they’ve got a bit of a plan and they get through it and then they’re sat there wondering why have we not really made it?

So, I think today, give some thought to that, go around your team.

Just take 10 minutes out, just take 10 minutes out, put the phones on night service, turn it off or finish 10 minutes early stop 10 minutes later, whatever.

Go around your team and say: what can we do today to be geared up for affluence?

To make that extra yard, give that extra round?

Make that extra dollar or that extra pound.

Just see how you go with that.

Set Yourself Up To Grow

When I’ve come further, I’ve come south in France obviously we’ve used all of the motorway networks but obviously, we’ve been on some of the back roads as well and what I find is certain types of businesses in certain types of areas are just geared up for existence.

It’s a damn shame really.

So, that’s, I think, my challenge for today It is technically day five, but this is coming out as a day two vlog, and it’s how your business is set up, so, see how that goes, let me know below take 10 minutes out.

What can you do to set yourself up for affluence?

To really make that extra difference both for you and your customers.

  • Is it a product?
  • Is it a service?
  • Is it something that you can add to an existing product line or an existing product range?
  • Is it an extra call that you can make today and say hey, we just wanted to thank you for being our customer.
  • Is it a postcard that you can send out that just says hey, thanks for being a customer for a year?

Something like that, and as I say not a great deal of thought to this one today I just wanted to get back on the camera and just sort of get something out for you have been absent for the last two or three days but from what I’m seeing so far, really love the country, really like the people.

However, like even in England or any other country, there are businesses that are set up to really excel who go out of the way to make it happen and there are businesses that are just set up there to sort of getting through the day, I suppose.

So, how are you set up?

Let us know how you go, leave us a comment below and really, what I’m keen to understand from you is what are the one, two or three things that you guys are going to do to really drive affluence and make it happen?

Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is the Strategy Director at 6teen30 Digital and a dynamic digital entrepreneur, nxd, strategist, public speaker and host of TheOpenMike Podcast show & Co-Host at The Inbound Podcast. Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits over a 25-year career, raised in excess of £1.6m [$2.5m] in Venture Capital and highly experienced with franchising.