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Philosophy and Action

Is Why Successful Businesses Move Forward At A Rapid Pace

Philosophy and Action is the subject today as I want to really get started in this first episode of The Pit Stop videos.

And been giving a lot of thought to this and looking at businesses I work with who were successful, who move forward at a rapid pace.

And businesses who are not excuse driven, but are stuck in the mud.

Maybe that would be the best way.

I think every client’s got the best intent, and I think they’re just different circumstances.

Play around with it.

And you get busy in your business, you understand how that works.

The Other Reason

And there’s always another reason not to get the major things done.

Sometimes you concentrate on the minor things, or clients get in the way, or family get in the way.

And all important, I’m not here to judge you on that.

It’s important to get that balance.

The Top-Down Approach

But what I mean by philosophy and action, I want you to take a look at your business today.

  • How much time are you spending on the whiteboards?
  • How much time are you spending on management meetings?

Working things out the strategy, absolutely fundamental.

But as we know, we can’t implement the strategy, it’s got to be transfused, and put to a blueprint, and into action.

And that’s where the real results come and I’m a big fan of whiteboards.

I’m a big fan of working the flows out, I’m a big fan of working the strategies out.

I make a living out of building high-growth engines and strategies like that.

But there comes a point where that top-down approach really has to sort of manifest itself into a bottom-up implementation.

The Bottom Up Switch

I’m actively encouraging you to have a look and really challenge yourself on a number of things.

The first thing is, when was the last time you actually took a day out?

And yeah, a day, I’m not talking about 10 minutes around the coffee machine, or in between a client meeting or a staff meeting.

I’m talking about actually taking a day out, getting your business model mapped out on the board, understanding where you are, doing an evaluation.

We are here.

Looking at your goals.

Here’s where we’re trying to get to, and understanding what that gap is.

And then working out for the rest of the day, what the best approach is.

Whether that’s entering a new vertical or entering a new channel.

And really getting that moving, and getting something down.

And then that’s where a lot of it stops.

I think a lot of people, whether you take a day out, or a half a day, or anything in between, I think a lot of people have got a good understanding of where they’re going

Fail To Execute

But what I’ve seen a lot of, and more and more recently, is the failure to execute.

And that’s what I mean about the action.

Right down in the weeds.  Taking those plans, giving responsibility to your teams.

Getting milestones and dates behind you, and project time behind you.

To really say, okay, we’re going to have this done by that time and getting it physically executed.

And results don’t come from strategy.

Results Come From Taking Action

What are the actions that you take to get this stuff done?

And if you’ve got great ideas, that moves your business forward, let’s get them executed.

And that’s what I call bottom-up strategy.

You can theoretically apply it on the board as much as you want, but it’s not until you actually implement it and start applying that, that you’re actually going to see results.

And also, it’s going to allow you to optimise it. And by optimization, that is seeing what’s working, what’s not, and adjusting on the fly.

You hear a lot of people just say, oh yeah, I just blog it, I just do that.

Well, I’m not talking about that. I am talking about getting that strategy done in advance, and then get it implemented.

See what’s working, see what’s not.

Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is the Strategy Director at 6teen30 Digital and a dynamic digital entrepreneur, nxd, strategist, public speaker and host of TheOpenMike Podcast show & Co-Host at The Inbound Podcast. Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits over a 25-year career, raised in excess of £1.6m [$2.5m] in Venture Capital and highly experienced with franchising.