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Taking Action


Today I just want to talk about taking action.

Over the last four weeks or so we’ve been running a competition for our digital marketing agency.

We call it the Get in the Game 10 thousand pounds Digital Marketing Giveaway.

Now for those who’ve heard and seen this, this is not being reopened, it’s just a story around that management of that and how you can apply these sort of strategies to your business.

Restructure Your Business & Our Competition

So over the last eight or nine months, we’ve restructured our business, restructured our culture and modelled Entrepreneur SuccessHub.

We’ve restructured our digital marketing agency and we’ve put a lot of new properties on the line.

We wanted to go out with a bit of a bang, and launch that out, create a buzz and get some awareness around it.

So we put a 10 thousand pound digital marketing strategy and package together as a competition.

We started that around mid-April, and we actually closed it yesterday the 16th, 17th of May, 2017.

The reason why I’m sort of just building up the that is because it never fails to amaze me of the small-mindedness of small businesses, and how sceptical they can be.

So the programme or the competition ran for over four weeks.

We, gosh knows how much Facebook paid traffic to drive the competition instead of affiliate partners driving it.

We had something like nine thousand sort of interested visits to the page, and we had about 600 people enter.

Now if I’m being honest with you, 600 people added to our list is okay.

We’ve got 600 new contacts and few existing ones, that’s 600 more people we can target.

But as we were sending it out, we only sent one email a week out to the list.

About five thousand people engaged on our email list at any one time.

Three people actually marked us as spam, so that’s weird, but take a step back here.

Now I’m a big believer that spam is what the recipient believes it to be.

But not taking action and not seeing opportunities when we present it to them is really costly for your business


If I received an email from somebody that I’ve subscribed to, and they were offering me the opportunity to win, no catch, didn’t have to do anything, it’s not quid pro quo here.

This is literally click here, enter your details, share it around the social platforms, and the people who get the most points at the end of it wins the prize.

There’s no sale, there’s no pitch, you don’t have to buy anything to get it.

This is just purely promotional competition stuff.

So I look at these three people, two of them have business addresses in the domains.

For the sake of embarrassment, I won’t share those details with you.

So what I did when they marked us as spam, I physically went to their websites.

The third one, by the way, was a Gmail address, so I’ve got no way real way of tracking them.

They’re the website, well if you want to call it a website is shocking.

The copy on it was shocking, the imagery was shocking, the lack of messages, the messaging on the side was shocking.

So I think that maybe they’re going through the transition of getting a new website, we’ve all been there where the one we’ve got isn’t that great.

So I try to find them on social.

One of them I found on social posted absolute rubbish out.

No interest, all about me, me, me, buy my stuff, buy my stuff.

So think about where you’re at today.

  • Opportunity sometimes creeps through the back door.
  • Opportunity presents itself, and it’s not always about being sceptical.

Surely you should be cautious, there’s a lot of scams out there.

But hey you’re at Mike Midgley Executive and we know a lot of times people put valuable content out in most cases.

My challenge to you today is what are you putting out there that’s engaging your audience?

What do you receive in that you maybe don’t dismiss it?

Do you want to win ten thousand pounds at digital marketing services, no catches?

You either do or you don’t.

But for the people who’s marked as spam, you know how much I’ve thought about actually sort of doing an audio report on the website or required to send them out something, but these people are just not interested, they’re very, very, very narrow and small minded.

That’s really going to cost in business.

So I’m not saying enter every competition that comes your way.

Pick and choose the fights, or pick and choose the engagement of one.

But when the opportunity presents itself, get involved, check it out, if it’s worthwhile to take action.

A big shout out to the winner.

We announced our winner yesterday.

The winner is a gentleman called Jamie Orr, from Jay’s Plasters.

Jamie saw that email and went out on our social and Jamie entered.

He took, he followed the competition rules, he entered and then he shared it on his social media profiles.

Which is great for us because we get even more exposure.

He shared it and more and more people entered, and that basically meant that Jamie got more points.

Jamie was about 20% in front of anybody else with the points that he massed up.

So today Jamie Orr is waking up with Jay’s Plasters, sat with a ten thousand pound digital marketing prize.

It’s going to absolutely revolutionise his business.

It doesn’t matter what he’s done with other people before, he’s going to work with real professionals here at Mike Midgley Executive, and he’s really going to drive his business.

I will say the next level we mean the next level.

We’re not talking about this generic stuff that people get absorbed into.

He’s really going to get through a serious programme and he’s going to make a significant difference to his business.

So congratulations Jamie Orr for winning our prize.

Congratulations to Jamie Orr for taking action.

Congratulations to the other five hundred and ninety or so other people who entered.

They at least got off the bench and had a go.

So my challenge is what are you doing today to get off the bench, have a go and get out there?

Seize the opportunities that are presented to you but also put those opportunities in front of your clients or prospective clients to do more business.

Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is the Strategy Director at 6teen30 Digital and a dynamic digital entrepreneur, nxd, strategist, public speaker and host of TheOpenMike Podcast show & Co-Host at The Inbound Podcast. Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits over a 25-year career, raised in excess of £1.6m [$2.5m] in Venture Capital and highly experienced with franchising.