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Tell Me How I Can Help You


In this Growth Engine daily video.

A real simple two-part question to ask you.

  1. What don’t I know about you and your business?
  2. How can I help you?

So, some of my pit stop videos can be, you know, three, four, five minutes long, some are even as ten or 15 minutes long, depends what’s on my mind.

But I’ve got a two-part question as I said for you.

What do I not know about your business and yourself?

How can I help you?

Contact Me

So what I’d like you to do, and through our favourite channel of Twitter, use the hashtag #TheOpenMike or the hashtag #GrowthEngine, and if you want to say, my name’s David or Sally, and I run a plumbing business and I’m struggling with this and can you help me with some advice from that.

So, there’s absolutely no charge, no pitch, no catches.

I just want to know a little bit about you.

I want to find out a little bit more about my audience.

What they’re doing, and the problems that they’re facing.

That’s going to help me tailor the content to make that I can get a lot of these questions answered for you in these Growth Engine videos.

If you watch this on YouTube, leave me a comment below, we’ll pick that up as well.

If you’re reading this off the Growth Engine blog, again, leave a comment below, or as I said, on Twitter, use the hashtag #TheOpenMike or #GrowthEngine.

If it is something more personal that you don’t want in the public domain, simply, send me a PM on Facebook or preferably on LinkedIn.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Let Me Know How I Can Help You?

Tell me you’ve been watching our Growth Engine videos, and I’ll connect with you, and even we can have a private conversation that if it’s a little bit more sensitive, offline.

So, who are you?

What do you do?

Tell me a little bit more about you, and how I can help you.

  • Let me see if I can give you that free service.
  • Let me see if I can help you on your path to success
Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is the Strategy Director at 6teen30 Digital and a dynamic digital entrepreneur, nxd, strategist, public speaker and host of TheOpenMike Podcast show & Co-Host at The Inbound Podcast. Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits over a 25-year career, raised in excess of £1.6m [$2.5m] in Venture Capital and highly experienced with franchising.