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Vision & Mission


Today, the entrepreneurs out there who are looking for some clarity about how we’re going to move forward.

I’d like to talk a little bit about the vision and the mission.

Maybe a better way to try and approach that to make sure that you start off on the right path.

I see so many business owners who are trying to either delegate writing a mission statement or trying to put that together over an hour or so and whilst that’s possible, anything’s possible.

It’s the quality of what your output is going to be that I’m questioning you to sort of take a step back and have a think about.

So, when we talk about vision statements and mission statements, that’s not something that somebody else writes.


  • It’s not something you hire an agency to write.
  • It’s not something you give to one of the people in the office to write.

It’s something that should really stem from a step back, which is your core values.

As a business owner, if you don’t have core values written and understood, then, first of all, you can nip over to mikejmidgley.com

There’s a separate post just on core values that will not only share with you how to put those together but also we give some examples from leading companies like Google, people like that about core values.

You can use Infusionsoft, even our own here at Mike Midgley Executive.

So, starts really before thinking about mission statements to put on a brochure or a website.

That’s really the last thing that you should be doing.

So, number one, core values.

Get those nailed down on what’s important to you.

What’s in your DNA?

Once you’ve got that, start to look at those core values and say, “Okay, what is the business’s vision?”

And by vision;

  • What do you do?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What exactly is it that you do?

I’m not talking about fixing a product or supplying a service just on the basics.

When you start to write a vision, that is the “what” to be totally clear.

The “what” is the vision.

What is, in meaning, what do you do?


The mission is how you do it, so let’s just get that clear.

So if everybody’s just starting to write mission statements, you don’t have a vision statement or even core values behind that, then it’s a good chance that message is going to be blurred, or it’s not going to be accurate.

So, assuming that you’ve got your core values sort of nailed down, start to sit down and say, “The ‘what’.

What is my business doing?”

As I said earlier, don’t talk about what product you supply, or service you can put out there.

I’m talking about “What do you benefit your customers with?”

When they buy your product or service when they engage with whatever service or product you supply, what benefit do they get?

That’s what I want you to work on.

So, like here at Mike Midgley Executive, our “what”, yeah?

And for us, what we stand for is to try and achieve double-digit growth for businesses by aligning their business model, marketing model, financial model.

So if we can align their business model, then they’re going to achieve higher double digit growth.

If you head over to our website mikejmidgley.com, and go to the differentiator site, or section of that website that’s the differentiator site, there’s a section there all about our core values and you can also see what our vision is, so the vision for the company, the vision of the future and how we help the customers.

So, when we would start moving forward into the mission statement, when we’ve got that “what” understood and penned down, then we’re going to start talking about, “How do we do that?

How do we achieve the ‘what’?”

That is what your mission statement should be.

So, that’s just a quick one for this morning.

Start to understand your core values from your business, really that DNA.

Then look at the vision statement, which is your “what” What you do and how that benefits the customers and then your mission statement is how you deliver that vision.

Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is the Strategy Director at 6teen30 Digital and a dynamic digital entrepreneur, nxd, strategist, public speaker and host of TheOpenMike Podcast show & Co-Host at The Inbound Podcast. Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits over a 25-year career, raised in excess of £1.6m [$2.5m] in Venture Capital and highly experienced with franchising.